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Welcome to Portland Wiring Harness.

Portland Wiring Harness builds wire harnesses and makes electrical connections of all kinds. We build harnesses for classic cars and motorcycles. We also create harnesses for antique and new tractors. We can create a harness for new electric and autonomous (self-driving) cars and trucks. Portland wiring harness builds harnesses for data networks, security systems, burglar alarms, battery arrays, electrical pumping systems, electrical sending and monitoring systems, measurement and control for integrated circuits, manufacturing, robotics, heavy equipment, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), testing research, life safety, and control panel building.

We are a group of individuals engaged in working towards a future where all vehicles on our roads are powered by electricity.

As a resource supplier to the automotive industry for the last 20 years, we are transitioning our focus from fossil fuel burning vehicles to electric, hybrid, and autonomous driving vehicles. Specifically focusing on wiring harnesses, battery connectors, custom cables, automotive connector "pigtails", and many other electrical components that make EVs go. Recently we've doubled our workspace to accommodate our growing wiring harness department. We are currently creating state of the art wiring harnesses for local manufacturers that use proprietary software for autonomous electric vehicles.

Do you have a EV project that you'd like to get off the ground? Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

Portland Wiring Harness has an extensive library of wiring component supply samples. This is a large group of samples from many leading manufacturers' wire and connection technology.

We possess one of the region's most complete collections of specialty materials used in harness building. This library allows you the customer to pick and choose colors, thicknesses and abrasion-resistant materials that are manufactured from all over the world. We have examples of everything from low voltage to 10,000 volt cabling used in electric vehicle battery systems. We have extensive experience with wire gauges ranging from 00 to 28 gauge. Additionally, we have a large collection of electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistant materials. Portland Wiring Harness has the widest variety of harness labels, wire marking, tagging and bar coding of each and every harness.

This library allows the customer to closely examine materials that could be incorporated into their harness. We can do everything from plastic injection molding with your company's logo to wire braiding. Braiding is a process that wraps a wire or a bundle of wires to protect them from the outside environment. Some heat-resistant materials can protect your harness from up to 600 degrees F. Do you need to limit access to digital data networks? We have samples of data system locks and very high voltage ultrasonic welded cables.

Portland Wiring Harness uses stringent quality control protocols that every crimp meets a specified force pull test requirement. We test every circuit for continuity or shorts and ensure that the end product matches your custom wiring harness schematic specifications perfectly. Portland Wiring Harness is happy to adhere to non-disclosure agreements for proprietary technology and design. Give us a call or email and we will find a way to satisfy your wiring harness needs.

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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