Portland Wiring Harness owns and operates an injection molding machine that we use to create overmolded connectors. We can make these overmolded connectors out of any hardness level of plastic or even rubber. A mold is needed for this process and Portland Wiring Harness possesses many. Your project may need a specialized mold into which the molten plastic or rubber is injected. This injection surrounds electrical contacts to protect them or you from shock and other harmful electrical interactions. Portland Wiring Harness has the ability to design and construct, at your direction, a mold tool specifically for your needs or project type.

It is important to note that, Portland Wiring Harness is the only company in Oregon or the North West that offers injection molded overmolded electrical connections of all kinds. Portland Wiring Harness is the only company that can build your cable, designs and build the molds and injection mold your final product. We can over mold your production order. If it is a really large job and overseas low cost labor is the only way to be competitive, Portland Wiring Harness is your perfect ally to prototype your job. We can work out all the fine details done before sending your job overseas.

If you need to build a special power cord and want to make sure that it never gets plugged into a normal appliance because that would cause damage or burn up the appliance or the house. This is exactly how you would prevent miss-application of the power cord.

Another reason to have a custom over molded connector is to make the customer return only to you or your dealers for replacement purchase.

We have had customers with a very expencive or highly designed product in need of impressing the end user with a sleek purpose built over molded accessory that plugs in, in a unique way.

Call Portland Wiring Harness for any and all of your over molding needs.