Harness Design

Portland Wiring Harness not only builds wiring harnesses but we can also help you to design your harness. As capabilities and electrical demands increase, making space and lightening the weight becomes more of a premium. PWH can help make best use of the space you have, reduce weight, and make your harness modular. Modules make for quick additions to extend or increase capabilities. PWH can assist with life safety circuits, as used in autonomous, medical, or aviation applications. If you have a device that needs special security or safety provisions, we can help harden and secure the system. We have a library of options from which to choose the best materials for your job. PWH can shield your wires from high temperatures, moisture, and impact. We have extensive experience weaving into a structure physical barriers to protect wires. We have years of experience working with the military, commerce, private security, and transportation sectors.

Your vehicle's environment is a place with large amounts of electro magnetic interference, (EMI). We have tips and techniques that make wiring immune to EMI. PWH has all the tools necessary to make your system EMI-proof.