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Harness Design

  Portland wiring harness can help you to design your harness. Portland wiring harness can assist with life safety circuits, as used in autonomous, medical or aviation applications. If you have a device that needs safety catch loops, we can help to make your machines work together. We can also help to cleanup and hide wires in an installation. Portland Wiring Harness can shield your wires from high temperatures, moisture and electromagnetic interference. We also have extensive experience protecting wires from motion, vibration and abrasion.
  Portland Wiring Harness is a pioneer in the field of onboard automotive fiber optics. The automotive environment is a place with large amounts of electro magnetic interference, (EMI). Portland Wiring harness has been using Fiber-optics because it is immune to EMI. Portland Wiring Harness builds fiber optic cable for data transmission with all the tools necessary to make and splice fiber optic cables. Custom lengths are not a problem for us. Fiber optics is a EMI-proof system that can allow super fast data transmission but is also immune to EMI. Fiber optic cable is composed of thin strands of glass or plastic. They are known as "optical fibers." A fiber optic cable can have as few as two strands or as many as several hundred. A strand can be less than a millimeter and can provide space for as many as 24,000 telephone calls. An entire fiber optic cable can easily carry several million calls.

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