About Us

Portland Wiring Harness builds wire harnesses, builds testing equipment and makes electrical connections of all kinds. From diesel electric locomotives to robotic farm tractors.

Historically Portland Wiring Harness had a focus on extremely accurate wiring reproductions. For classic cars, trucks and aviation. To do this meant gathering rare, vintage and exotic equipment from all over the world. Modifications to industrial equipment became second nature to the employees and staff. These aquired skills were recognized by several autonomous development programs and utilized to build incredibly intricate yet reliable one off harnesses with reliability that were recognized especially by the European automotive industry as being unsurpassed in the world of autonomous robotic operations.

Engineers at Portland Wiring Harness have successfully developed new means of creating almost resistance-less and permanent connections that can be relied upon to not fail inside a mathematically calculated window of operational use. Portland Wiring Harness has also put into place a set of standards developed from years of experience building high performance harnesses. These standards are in some cases far beyond the requirements of the wiring industry at large. All of these lessons and standards have come together to produce the worlds most reliable wiring assembly method. This reliability has been recognized and valued beyond all other measures by some of the worlds largest organizations currently developing autonomous transportation designs. Portland Wiring Harness never drops names or talks about our customers. We will never talk about your organizations name or your projects publicly.

We build wiring harnesses for transportation, aviation and data of all kinds. We also design and build harnesses for autonomous trucks, cars and farm tractors. We can create a harness for new electric and autonomous (self-driving) cars and trucks. Portland wiring harness builds harnesses for data networks, security systems, burglar alarms, battery arrays, electrical pumping systems, electrical sending and monitoring systems, measurement and control for integrated circuits, manufacturing, robotics, heavy equipment, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), testing research, life safety, aerospace and control panel building. As the need for autonomous and electric trucks and passenger cars increased, Portland wiring harness became a key player in designing harnesses for the emerging autonomous and electric industry.

With the most advanced manufacturing and measuring equipmen,t aquired from all over the world, and a staff working daily to meet the needs of some of the world's largest multinational companies, Portland wiring harness’s staff has accumulated a vast amount of technical expertise.

Under our roof is likely North America's largest collection of crimping, looming, measuring equipment from all over the world. Custom harnesses for cars, trucks, airplanes, tractor robotics and data transmission.

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A short list of project types.


Portland wiring harness is equipped to build harnesses for robots, robotics, robotic arms, autonomous cars, autonomous driving systems, artificial intelligence driving systems, and electric cars. We have a certified EV power cable builder on staff.

TEST EQUIPMENT: Testing the harnesses or ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit) is just as important as building them. Portland Wiring Harness has accumulated the world's most advanced cable testing equipment. These efforts to be on the cutting edge of testing technology has led us to design, develop and produce testing equipment for many processes beyond harness testing, electric car and truck dielectric withstanding and high potential energy testing far beyond the normal 600 volts.


We have extensive working knowledge of Classic Automobiles and vintage manufacturing methods. (It's where we started!) We're proficient working with antique radio repair, antique car wiring harnesses, and classic car wiring harnesses.


We have experience with fleet management. If your company owns or is buying vehicles that have purpose built machinery for use in your business, we can do custom installations on "fleet vehicles".


Let know your custom needs - if it involves electrical connections, we build it. Portland Wiring harness possesses the widest array of data assembly tools that is known to us.


Audio cabling for custom installations for auditoriums, schools, busses, theaters. Film and video custom cables. Cables providing power to cameras, video taps and lighting - we can build it.


Heavy equipment tractor wiring and articulators. Over the years we have reproduced factory harnesses for trucking that require complete harness replacements. Portland Wiring Harness owns and operates braiding machines that allow us to protect wires to military and aerospace standards.


Portland Wiring Harness is tooled up and equipped for series production of consumer products. We can work with you for UL approval and any other certifications that might be specific to your product.


Portland Wiring Harness have a staff that is experienced with building commercial control panels to your commercial equipment wiring harnesses.


Wiring for gauges is one of our specialties. We've done it for 20 years. We not only make harnesses for gauges and senders, but we also rebuild and restore old original gauges to like new condition.


If you have vacuum tube radio or glass tube era device, we are equipped to evaluate your vacuum tube repair replacement or update to modern solid state circuits.