Braiding Over Wiring Harness

Portland wiring harness offers the very best in wire harness protection with the service of over-braiding. “Over-braiding” or just “braiding” is a process that weaves fibers onto a group of wires to protect them from many different hazards. Braiding can protect against vibration, abrasion, heat, fire, chemicals, sunlight, and electromagnetic interference. We offer many different materials for braiding such as stainless steel wire, brass wire, PVC yarn, all the aramid fibers, Nomex, Kevlar, Vectran 1500. We also offer cotton fibers for vintage restorations. Wire harness braiding offers such good protection that many aircraft are grounded without it. F-16 fighters for example, are not allowed to fly unless their harnesses are covered in braiding. Abrams tanks cannot operate without braiding. Militaries all over the world use braiding to protect their wiring from malfunction and early breakdown. All of our machines are owned by PWH and are operated by our in-house staff. We never send out work once it enters the building. No one else will ever handle your designs or harnesses. PWH is very proud to maintain many non-disclosure agreements with some of the worlds largest companies and governments.
Send us a sample and we will braid it for free.
Braiding is the very best way to bundle and loom without loosing flexibility or accumulating weight unnecessarily. For the best in protection, and long life, braiding is the very best.