Advanced Techniques & Materials

Portland Wiring Harness can utilize flame retardant insulation for those high-temperature applications that require it. We have experience with heat resistant forms of wires, switches, contactors and ultrasonic welding manufacturing techniques used to make permanent connections. Utilizing automated wiring measurement stripping and cutting for precise measurement and consistency as well as high accuracy crimping devices for medical, aviation, data and automotive. Laser lazer marking is making a big difference in what Portland wiring harness is able to do for its customers. This is a new system that includes non destructive wiring marking. Pull testing and crimp force monitoring. Braiding wiring harnesses to protect them from Portland Wiring harness is the premier west coast wiring harness manufacturer. Nomex,1200 White and NX-1200 Green, Vectran 1500, Kevlar- 400 gold, aramid fibers is that we work with to protect wiring from interior and exterior hazards. 3D printing materials is what we are constantly modifying to produce new parts and structures. Portland Wiring Harness has even obtained its own filament production machinery. We are constantly making new filaments to produce stronger parts on the fly. Portland wiring harness uses New insulation’s with proprietary chemistry for facilitating chemical reactions for special jobs. New aviation and transportation requires new and special materials and new parts with new structures requiring new advances in wiring and connections. We have worked for some of the world's largest companies Portland Wiring Harness has worked with proprietary processes and materials belonging to others so, we do not talk about anything in detail. However, it is important to point out that these trade secrets are safe with us. We handle all kinds of proprietary information needed in production of systems that Portland Wiring Harness works with. Modifications with materials and processes needed to push forward the bounds of life safety dependent connections is a must in this field.

1. Portland Wiring Harness constantly accumulates samples of exotic materials for use in wiring harness production.

2. Portland Wiring Harness is constantly modifying existing materials

3. Worlds most advanced state of the art laser lazer marking machines. Our laser marking machines are made in the USA.

4. Large library of advanced materials for customers to choose from.

5. Largest number of crimping machines from all over the world. Best machines possible.

6. EMI protection. ElectroMagnetic Interference. If you are having problems with EMI, Portland Wiring Harness has many unique and different approaches to eliminating EMI.