Fleet Installation

Portland Wiring Harness is equipped with tooling and lifts for fleet installation of autonomous robotic system installations. We are able to handle installation for fleets of experimental and service vehicles. While we'd never talk about proprietary information, or name the customers we work with, it is fair to say that we have done fleet installations for some of the worlds best known names in transportation. Portland Wiring Harness has a long history of producing parts for custom applications in order to mount experimental sensing systems.

Laser cutting steel, Haas Milling machines, 3D drawings, 3D printing, carbon fiber, Kevlar, Vectran, Nomex are part of the tools, methods, and products that are integral to Fleet Installation.

Other systems that we are experienced with:
- Global positioning systems
- Inertial navigation systems
- Inertial VRU (vertical reference unit)
- Inertial gyroscopes, accelerometers
- Advanced video system data collection
- Autonomous vehicle control systems
- Custom brackets for sensor installation
- Lidar
- Ground penetrating radar
- Comparative laminar flow
- Electronic control units of all kinds