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Services that Portland Wiring Harness offers.

Services that portland wiring harness offers. model engine(s).

Catalog Number: PW446
Price:  $105.45

Services that we offer:
1.  Building wiring harnesses that are rated for life safety.  Aviation,  Autonomous vehicles etc.   We build from 1 to 1000 harnesses.  
2.  We repair harnesses. 
3.  We have a in-house over braiding shop. We can Braid any kind of thread material.   Cotton, high tech exotic fibers used in Military and aroespace , stainless steel wire. etc. 
4.  We are a pioneer in 3D printing. We have been 3D printing electrical  parts in Carbon fiber for years. (not everybody and do this) These 3D printed parts are so strong that you can drive over them with a truck.   (There is a video on our Portland Wiring harness web site.)
5.  We build test machines that test computers for Large transportation companies.  
6.  We have an in-house photo department that makes images to sell parts for our own company needs.  We have had many many outside clients. United States Federal government agencies,  State governments,  OSHA, Banks, Many New York based national magazines.  Etc.