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Electric Vehicle harness

Self Driving autonomous Cars and truck research happening at Portland Wiring Harness

Self driving autonomous cars and truck research happening at portland wiring harness

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Portland Wiring Harness builds wiring harnesses. PWH has been working with developers to develop wiring systems for self driving autonomous trucks, in-town delivery trucks and cars. Portland wiring harness has been completing research programs at its central Oregon test facility. Portland Wiring Harness at it's central Oregon test center has been expanding its hold on the self driving autonomous wiring harness market. The US department of transportation has labeled the facility as a alternative fuel facility. Research preformed has not been focused on software, not focused on sensor development but rather it has been focused on development of wiring systems that are ultra reliable. The development staff has been following a test regime that has a lot in common with NASA's Apollo test procedures. A study of the research and development program utilized in the 1960's has produced a ultra resiliant wiring method that Portland Wiring Harness is in process of filing many patent applications. No detail is available but a long list of new products has been created in the form of carbon fiber mounts for lidar and other sensors. Many new electrical connectors some are all new electrical connectors and some are small quantity new manufacturing of specialty gender opposits of already existing connectors in cars and trucks that are being retrofitted as self driving autonomous vehicles. This is a constant problem that autonomous software developers have. Many times you need to plug your self-driving autonomous software controllers into preexisting onboard systems. To do so, often requires a very special connectors that can only be purchased in lots of 20,000 or are completely unavailable. Portland wiring harness can make a connector at the drop of the hat to satisfy any connector need. This newly invented connector production is not only inspiring new patents but has been rocketing forward all types of research and development. Photo is generically representational of electrical components.

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