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Scout 80 Rear Wiring Harness 1961 - 63

Scout 80 rear wiring harness 1961 - 63

Catalog Number: PW7
Price:  $288.35

This is a new rear wiring harness for 1961-1963 Scout 80. This harness serves the rear lights and fuel senders. They are in stock and ready to go!
When ordering wiring harnesses, we need to know the vehicle serial number, the engine type, and the transmission. If you need help identifying any of these, call us, or order SP13536 to be sure!
This is NOT a box of wires that you struggle to make fit. This is an exact reproduciton of the original complete harness that the IH factory made.

Built to suit. No refunds once ordered.

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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