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Main Dash Wiring Harness, Scout II  NEW OLD STOCK

Main dash wiring harness, scout ii new old stock

Catalog Number: PW50
Price:  $681.84

<<<>>>>This is a brand new wiring harness to fit Scout II from 1971-1978. This one was made by IH in the 70's and has never been sold to a customer or installed. This is the harness that fits under the dash and serves the gauges and switches.
Build date and Vin # will help us to make sure that the correct harness is being sent to you.
(435079C91 71-72-73)
484341c91 3-3-77 to 7-26-77
486559c92 10-6-77 to 3-28-79
481981c91 8-4-76 to 3-3-77
484341c91 1977

Made in the USA

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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