Electrical Connector

LED connector over mold for LED lights - Made in USA

Led connector over mold for led lights - made in usa model engine(s).

Catalog Number: PW4674
Price:  $5.14

This connector is compatible with all standard trailer and DOT approved commercial transportation wiring. If you are converting your tail lights to LED, do it right way with these, made in the USA, over molded terminal connectors that will insure that you never hook them up backwards. LED tail lights are very sensitive to how they are hooked up and this standard LED over molded connector insures that you will never have a problem. LED lights have a few differences from old incandescent light bulbs. This connector organizes your wires in such a way as to prevent any confusion. If you have installed your new LED tail lights, these connectors have to be added to your wiring harness. Once this is done, you are assured a weather and water resistant and reliable connection that only takes seconds. Made in the USA Bullet connector diameter is .155 inches in diameter. .155 diameter is the national standard for trailer and commercial transportation lights.
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