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Autonomous electric trucking wiring harness 100% traceability

Autonomous electric trucking wiring harness 100% traceability

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One hundred percent traceability for wiring harnesses used in autonomous self driving trucks and cars.

Manufacturing wiring harnesses for autonomous self driving trucks of all kinds is a serious undertaking that requires a great deal of technical expertise. Wiring harnesses for robotic trucks requires a great deal of traceability. If there is a failure in the field, Portland Wiring Harness is in the process of filing a patent on the worlds first one hundred percent traceability system that will allow Portland Wiring Harness to trace each and every connection to it's point of manufacture. This means that, if a wiring harness has a overloaded to the point of failure wire in the field, the wire, insulation, crimp or connector can be traced back to its point of origin, and date of manufacture. This system, invented by Portland Wiring Harness, would be very useful to any OEM, (original equipment manufacturer) that is trying to determine if a failure is a one time event due to miss-use out side of design limits. Or, due to a systemic problem requiring a recall. Requiring a recall is an important step if it is really needed. If it is not needed, 100 percent traceability provides evidence to support NOT requiring a recall.
The difference between these two choices not only means saving a company money but it really means saving jobs. One hundred percent traceability has a great value to those who can use it. To a small job shop, it would have very little use. To a company like Portland Wire harness it could have immense value when offered to customers that are in need of such systems to identify the real need for a recall of any item used in autonomous self driving cars tracks, bikes or an other means of autonomous robotic transport.

Portland Wiring Harness has been doing pioneering research in the field of autonomous self driving robotic transportation as it relates to wiring harnesses.
Portland Wiring Harness is not only offering 100 percent traceability but also doing pioneering quantification of deteriorating factors and values for wiring harnesses used in transportation. Very precise measurements are made and a usable window is determined for that exact wiring harness.
This creates a new value for organizations producing autonomous self driving cars and trucks. It also means that a new harness can have a mathematically calculated duration of highest reliability assigned to its individual production serial number.

Mathematically calculated window of highest reliability coupled with 100 percent traceability points toward greater safety, Greater profits, more proficient service and repair turnovers. For example A service and repair person, trying to trouble shoot an electrical problem can use the OEM companies database to determine if the harness is within its usable time window and use that information to focus on the most likely source of the electrical failure. if the harness is out of date, the service person may choose to focus on the harness as the source of failure. If the harness is within it's time window of optimal reliability, then focusing on the appliance as the source of break down would be the logical response.

Before today, it has not made sense to quantify and track such minute detail in transportation wiring. However, in the age of autonomous self driving robotic cars and trucks, new things are being demanded from these systems. Increased liability, increased reliability, increased number of circuits are placing new demands on the physical backbone of the system, .... the wiring harness.

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