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Autonomous electric truck harness loom expansion

Autonomous electric truck harness loom expansion

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For immediate press release: September 3, 2019

Portland Wiring Harness builds autonomous truck wiring loom harnesses.

Portland Wiring Harness has just completed an expansion of its wiring loom harness department. This expansion has doubled the size of its staff, floor space and capacity to build harnesses for outside clients. Portland Wiring Harness builds wiring looms and harnesses for literally some of the worlds largest OEMs. Original equipment manufacturers of autonomous and electric cars, trucks, locomotives and electric bikes. If it is autonomous or electric transportation " we want to build it", says Steve Beals, owner and founder of Portland Wiring Harness.
Portland Wiring Harness and loom company is already working on the next expansion to take place in October 2019
We all live our lives surrounded by machines, all of those machines have wire looms or wiring harnesses inside. Most often when a machine has broken down, it is due to imperfect assembly of wiring connectors. Wire looms are in everything from, your refrigerator to your car. Beals says, "The first place you will notice autonomous vehicles on the road will be in the form of autonomous trucks." European roads have seen autonomous trucks since 2017. The agricultural world has been using autonomous tractors in the fields for about 4 years as well.
Autonomous cars have seen limited use on American roads but never without a safety driver behind the wheel. For trucks and cars to be reliable enough to self drive on American roads they require wiring harnesses and wire looms that are more reliable than in the past. Portland Wiring harness has taken on the challenge and has been creating its own all new pioneering standards that exceed standards used in the aero space and military requirements.

Portland Wiring Harness is completing a carbon fiber division for the production of parts and pieces to be used in conjunction with wiring and sensor installation needed to produce autonomous car and trucks. Portland Wiring Harness is offering custom carbon fiber mounts for GPS, LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging -
( laser radar) , radar, inferred and all other sensing devices that are used to create maps for autonomous transportation systems.
What is Portland Wiring Harness doing that is so different? Beals says, " It all starts with precision measurement". PWH has set new standards for wiring production that are measured to a degree of precision unheard of in the world of wiring manufacturing. Sometimes, we are measuring standards values to a degree of precision that were considered unnecessary in the past. Other times we are making precise measurements, encompassing entirely new aspects of wire loom production. With so many patent applications pending , there was not much more that could be said.
Most of our efforts have been spent building incredibly reliable wire harness looms for autonomous systems used in the development and production of electric trucks and autonomous trucking as well as electric autonomous trucks. Autonomous trucks are going to change our world in may surprising ways. Streets will become smaller and narrower because autonomous trucks are much more accurately moving through the same space. Electric autonomous trucks will need much less maintenance. Electric autonomous trucks do not have transmissions. Electric autonomous trucks do not have transmission fluid making them a much cleaner and greener option for companies to purchase. Electric autonomous trucks will not require street signs. Through GPS and other sensors, autonomous trucks always know where they are in if they don't, they autonomously shut them selves down.
Wiring harness loom building is the most interesting product that Portland wiring harness has taken on in the last 25 years of production. Plans for expansion are currently looking out into the 2040's with no real end in sight.

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