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Autonomous diesel truck autonomous transportation research & development

Autonomous diesel truck autonomous transportation research & development

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Portland Wiring Harness is a manufacturer of wiring harnesses for autonomous forms of transportation, cars trucks, locomotives, electric trams, buses, trucks bikes motor cycles and any other kind of transportation that is autonomous.

Portland Wiring Harness has been a designer of harnesses for 20 years. Portland wiring harness began as an in-house supplier of wiring harnesses for the trucking industry. Building harnesses for passenger vehicles, over land trucking both electric and diesel. It was not until 2008 that Portland Wiring Harness opened it's doors to outside clients. Portland wiring harness was lucky enough to have been involved with research and development projects that brought to the top of the ladder in terms of experience working on autonomous systems. Delivering the correct wiring solutions for each project has always been paramount. Tracking down problem circuits, anticipating faults before they develop into a "on the road failure" Is our prime function says Steve Beals, owner and founder of Portland Wiring Harness and Pacific Supply Group Inc.

PWH has possibly the largest collection of harness materials available in the world today. The owner and employees are zealous about making precision crimps and connections that are applied at a level of precision that exceeds Military specification and aero space requirements.
Most people think that a soldered joint is superior to a compressed or crimped joint. This is not necessarily so, a soldered joint is heavy but sturdy for a long period of time, however a crimped joint weighs less and if compressed correctly will maintain a excellent connection for a much longer period of time.
Solder starts to crystalize with the passage of time and becomes brittle and vulnerable to vibration, off-gassing, sunlight, UV and other forms of torture for a wire connection.

Portland Wiring Harness preforms basic research on making connections with copper wire. Analytic pull testing is an everyday all day activity at Portland wiring harness. If you work with Portland Wiring Harness you will be exposed to a working environment that is at all times expecting to exceed military and aero space standards.

Located in Portland Oregon has been a large asset to Portland Wiring Harness. Portland Oregon is Fortune magazine's 4th best pick of cities to work with and operate autonomous vehicles.

Most of the projects that we have under-taken are autonomous research and development projects developing systems for autonomous modes of transport.
Autopilot is another word for autonomous transport. Self driving technology is another way of saying that we manufacture the wiring harnesses for autonomous forms of transport including cars trucks trains planes trucks. Portland wiring harness has been building autonomous wiring harnesses for cars and trucks since 2015. American self driving automated vehicles research programs as well as research and development is Portland Wiring harnesses every day product.

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