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  We rebuild electrical gauges for all kinds of measurement used in automotive, trucking and manufacturing. We have the ability to create new custom circuit boards. We can also repair vintage electrical motors and generators. We have the ability to rewrap coils as used in electrical motors and generators.
 Portland Wiring Harness is a gauge, motor and harness rebuilder. We can reprint gauge faces, recreate circuit boards and recondition housings. In many cases we can even create new clear plastic gauge faces. We recently did this for a 1962 Studebaker Lark.
 Advanced Wire Marking and Labeling Systems:
 Portland Wiring Harness has a wide variety of labeling options for your wire and harnesses. These include bead-type labels, shrink tube, and decal wire marking. We know all too well the importance of clearly identifying different wires, which is why we take this very seriously. We offer to our customers many types of wire marking including multiple types of bar coding.
 Automotive and Trucking Specialties:
 For 20 Years Portland Wire Harness Has Built Harnesses for Ford & International Harvester Scouts, Trucks and Tractors.
 Portland Wire Harness has hundreds of patterns for Ford & IH wiring harnesses going as far back as the 1930s. Portland Wire Harness has specialized machines making high precision crimps and connections replicating the factory original harnesses.
 The single most important thing you can do to make your machine reliable is to replace that old wiring harness.
 We fully reproduce Ford diesel glow plug harnesses.
 Studebaker Lark is a 1960’s Car that Portland wiring harness is expanding to serve.
 We can provide you with 1962 and 1963 Studebaker Lark complete harnesses. We are looking to expand our Studebaker offering; if you can bring us any Studebaker harness, we will reproduce it at a discount. Even seriously damaged harnesses are useful to make patterns from. If you bring us a harness and allow us to turn it into a harness pattern and allow us to keep the original as a pattern, we will give you a discount on your project.
 Mercedes: 1994 1995 1996 SL600
 Mercedes made a group of wiring harnesses in the mid 1990’s that were made with biodegradable wire insulation. The wire insulation was made of soy based plastic that has not aged well producing serious electrical problems: cracking peeling and short circuits.
 Unfortunately, rodents love to eat wire insulation of all types. The soy based plastics are an additional attractant that Rats love to eat.
 We can help if you are experiencing this sort of issue with your wiring harness. We not only can remake the harness in modern wire, but we can also braid the wire in stainless steel fiber for any harness elements exposed to rodents.
 Covering harnesses with Stainless steel wires is an excellent way to prohibit rodents from eating your wires.
 Diesel glow Plug harnesses:
 Portland Wiring Harness has all kinds of harness protection materials to help keep your harness safe from abrasion, water, fuel, and oil. Our glow plug harnesses are made from wire designed to resist 200 amp short term loads and also 650 degrees F.
 We service Ford and International diesel, Cummins and Allison glow plug harnesses.
 Portland wiring harness reproduces many diesel glow plug harnesses that have been discontinued by Ford and International Motor Truck Corporation.
 Portland Wiring Harness also offers a glow plug wire extension kit.
 Discontinued Harnesses:
 If you need a harness for any kind of machine, automotive, research, experimental, agricultural, autonomous passenger car or autonomous trucking, we can help.
 If you can get us the harness we can reproduce it.
 Custom Harness Repair:
 Portland Wiring Harness is accomplished at repairing complicated harnesses that have sustained serous damage. Insurance adjusters are often surprised at how much money we can save by repairing a harness over replacement.
 Custom Harness Reproduction:
 Send us any harness, even if it is burned up, and in most cases we can reproduce that harness. Most manufactures have proprietary connector housings that are either hard to find or discontinued. We can move over your plastic gang connectors.
 Sensing and Detecting.
 Portland Wiring Harness is adept at troubleshooting senders of fuel tank and other liquid tank levels. RVs and food carts often utilize fresh water tanks, grey water tanks and black water tanks.
 We make fuel senders and other fluid level measuring equipment. Our staff can help you with all types of proximity sensing devices for manufacturing robots and robots of like industries. We have staff experienced in artificial recognition, Fanuc robotic programming, G-code and proximity sensing cameras.
 Additionally, we work with oxygen sensors as well as mass air flow sensors. Temperature sensing in the extremes of hot and cold are common challenges for Portland Wiring Harness.
 Electrical Parts On Hand:
 If you need to achieve a fast repair, we are the place to go in Portland Oregon.
 We have on the shelf wire of all gauges, connectors for high and low voltage, data connectors, connector housing, switches of all description, indicator lights, light bulbs, LEDs etc.
 You can order it on the web, but we have it on the shelf.
 We have on the shelf the widest stock of electrical devices, connectors conductors. and wide variety of wire gauges and cable conductors. No one can have everything in stock, but we have as wide a variety of components ready at a moment's notice for your use as anybody in the Portland area.
 Build Custom Electrical Connectors or Contacts.
 Copper forming, cutting, punching, and milling are just some of the metallic talents that we have in-house. We have relationships with ferrous and non ferrous laser cutting and casting companies. If you have a need for a custom connector to make a new product or prototype have that new and special look, you should call us. We have the experience, the tools and relationships to get it done quickly.
 All harnesses must be tested before installation. Portland Wiring Harness provides testing on all harnesses that we build. Testing equipment is on-site and ready to go. We will work with you and your requirements to design a testing protocol that is right for your project. We can build a test stand if your application requires it.
 Wire Laser Marking:
 Portland Wiring Harness is experienced at special ordering wire of all kinds, grades, gauges and colors. We can even order special formulation of insulator to work in your application. Laser labeled wire may require additional zinc or other metals in the insulator formulation.
 Portland Wiring Harness is constantly sourcing connectors from a wide range of terminal connector housing manufacturers. Your project may require special contacts or contact housings. We are experts at sourcing hard to find electrical connectors.
 Electric Vehicle Connectors:
 Many EVs use up to 8000 volts and require special cables made and tested to 10,000 volts. Special clips and connectors are used on EVs. J1772 charging connectors are available at Portland Wiring Harness.

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