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Portland wiring harness expands lidar floor space for robotics research- press release

Catalog Number: PW191
Price:  $1.04

For immediate press release:
Portland Wiring Harness expands it committed floor space. Portland Wiring harness is changing its physical plant to accommodate the manufacturing of electric truck cab wiring harnesses and autonomous truck cab wiring harnesses. The expansion is doubling the space from 800 square feet to 1600 square feet. Portland Wiring Harness owner, Steve Beals says, "we expect to double again in size with in 90 days. We can't talk about future orders that are in the works but autonomous and EV truck harness business is picking up speed.". Wire looms is swiftly becoming a corner stone of Pacific Supply Group Inc.'s basic income. Wire looming is the responsibility of a select group of hand picked employees the have almost 150 years of experience making wire looms for
classic trucks, large trucks, delivery trucks, electric vehicles and autonomous trucks. Portland wiring harness is now making 3D images for 3D printing of mounting brackets for all kinds of lidar. Lidar Drone, Lidar technology, Lidar mapping, Lidar sensor, Lidar radar, Lidar survey, Lidar definition, Lidar images.
Portland wiring harness has created a way to make small quantities of parts. 100% traceability manufacturing of wiring harness and wiring harness components.

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