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M12 axial connectors cables - custom lengths - custom color M12 male,  M12 female cable assemblies

M12 axial connectors cables - custom lengths - custom color m12 male, m12 female cable assemblies model engine(s).

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Over molding available.

M12 to RJ45 , We make M12 communication cables of all lengths and colors. This cable is most often used for robotics. Most often industrial robotics. Send us a drawing for your M12 applications.
Tell us what you need and we will make it.

M12 Cable Code Connector Cables:
M12 could be the right connector for your data transmission needs, pinout, and code when deciding on the M12/ M8 connectivity requirements. M12/ M8 cables offer different advantages for many different applications. M12 standard cable sizes have a variety of connector types and number of conductors.
A. M12 connectors are commonly used to connect data devices. Each connector will have between two and twelve pins. M12 is deal for sensors, actuators, and motors.
B. M12 Coded cable assemblies have between three and eight pins and are used mostly for “Fieldbus” connections.
C. M12 connectors are not a fixed number of conductors. You can choose from 3 to conductors. Used mostly with AC sensors and actuators. M12 connectors are equipped with a dual keyway for added security. This security feature ensures the connector will not be used in place of another cable.
D. M12 couplers can be used in network cables for Ethernet . M12 transfer data at up to 100 Mb and can come with three to eight pins.
E. M12 connectors are the newest addition to an advanced networking solution. Our line-up has grown in popularity due to its extraordinary ability to transfer data up to 1 Gb. Pins on M12 connectors are set at four to eight and are perfect for industrial or transportation applications.
M8/M12 Coded Assemblies
M12 Shielded and non-shielded cables in advanced industrial networks. M12 cables made by Portland Wiring Harness meet the industry standard IP67 rating for industrial protection.
M12 cable assemblies provide industrial protection against electromagnetic radiation, chemicals, and mechanical stress. M12 assemblies reduce unnecessary downtime and provide continuous operation of M12 data collection needs.
M12 cable assemblies made by Portland wiring harness builds either single or double-ended and straight and angled versions. We build M12 assemblies in all shielded options.
M12 in Ethernet Cabling:
1. Transportation
2. Robotics
3. Industrial Machinery
4. Communications
5. Process Control Systems
6. Manufacturing Automation
7. Machine Tools

M12 cable Technology:
M12 Halogen-free jacketing, flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane (PUR), flame retardant non-corrosive material
1. M12 is a solution for movement or vibration; M12 is suited to messy and dirty applications.
2. M12 assemblies can withstand up to one million flexes, machine oils, abrasion, UV radiation
3. M12 transmission rates of 100Mbps in the field.
4. M12 / M8 cables are available with standard lengths, from 0.5m to 1000m
5. M12 cables contain 360-degree shielding. Preventing Electro Magnetic Interference, M12 provide high speed signal and data transmission.

Benefits M12 Ethernet Cable:
1. First choice to collect real-time data
2. Ethernet cables and connectors can be adapted to and withstand loads of punishment in messy environments
3. Ethernet for Smart Factory floor deliver reliability, speed, and durability.
4. Ethernet Assemblies give reliable performance
5. M12 cables are an important part of the Industrial Internet

Benefits of IP67 Assemblies:

A. Flexibility, M12 positions, 2,3,4,5 & 8 poles
B. Number of contacts, M8 Positions, 3