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3d printing, 3 dimentional printing prototyping, custom connectors, hard to find plastic parts classic car parts.

Catalog Number: PW199
Price:  $88.40

3d printing at Portland Wiring Harness is becoming a big part of how we produce harness prototypes.
We have many clients that need a small number of connectors, we can make them. We can do this if, there is no patent number of copy-write symbol.
Three Dee printing is rapidly becoming a indispensable part of what we do.
Classic car harnesses as well. Electric cars electric trucks and other forms of electric transportation are often in need of a custom or hard to find plastic connector for wiring. Portland wiring harness is now making these kinds of connectors. Some parts we have been able to manufacture in one day.
Complexity of part is a big factor in the speed at which it can be manufactured.

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